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Transcend Alumni Network

Transcend Alumni Network provides an ongoing visible and tangible legacy to the Transcend Programme which acts to raise the profile of emerging leaders from within the region, in particular to chief executives, and which enables the current group of 50 ‘graduates’ to take advantage of further development and learning opportunities on their leadership journey.  The network meets on a quarterly basis for half day events comprising presentations from respected external organisations, such as Virgin Media and Northgate, and discussions focused on how the network should operate as a regional resource supporting chief executives and at the same time developing the skills and experiences of the graduates. 

The Alumni has resonated strongly with chief executives and discussions are underway to introduce mentoring and shadowing activities while the networking between graduates has already led to a number of people undertaking specific pieces of work in colleagues’ authorities.


West Midlands District Council Network (WM DCN)

The chief executives of the 18 district and borough councils from across the region have met on a regular basis over the past five years with the support of IEWM.  Facilitated by IEWM, the quarterly meetings are an opportunity for the chief executives to collectively consider issues directly affecting their tier of authorities outside of the shire, metropolitan and unitary debates.  IEWM organises the meetings and facilitates appropriate expert speakers from within and outside the sector across a broad range of topics including:

·        Welfare Reform

·        Planning Reform

·        The economy

·        Financial planning and commercialisation

·        Health integration and wellbeing

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Commission for Economic Growth and Public Service Reform in Non Metropolitan Areas.


Regional Chief Executive Group (RCEG) 

The West Midlands Regional Chief Executive’s Group (RCEG) meets two to three times a year to enable regional debate and move forward collaborative action and lobbying on significant sector challenges such as the Economy, Health and Wellbeing and Skills/Workforce issues.  IEWM supports the group through the facilitation and organising of these meetings, identifying quality external speakers and researching relevant topics for debate in response to the chief executive’s chosen issues for consideration.


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Sue Banks                                                                  Ged Bowles

Director, IEWM                                                           Assistant Director - Transformation, IEWM                    




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