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Care Homes – Future Models & Possibilities – Starting the Conversation on Care Homes for the Future within the West Midlands

Published: Wednesday, 24th July 2019 Image of the front cover of the Future of Care Homes report

Commissioned by NHS (West Midlands) and West Midlands Association of Directors of Adult Social Care (ADASS), this report details the direction of care home market development and supporting services.

Our Future of Care Homes report that has been jointly commissioned by NHS (West Midlands) and West Midlands Association of Directors of Adult Social Care (ADASS).

The purpose of this commission is to stand back and take the longer view (10-15 years) as the preferred direction for care home market development and the interplay with services that support them including those relating to primary care. It is through the use of a robust evidence base, to identify the challenges ahead of an ageing population for the health and care system as a whole and to consider, early, some of the potential opportunities to redesign how care is delivered within a framework of reducing resources.

The research and interviews evidenced throughout this report point to the need for healthcare and social care to work much more closely together to provide the care and provision that our growing older population will need in the years to come.

We hope this report promotes a discussion amongst all organisations involved in health and social care so they develop local collaborative strategies and share ideas leading to a model of care fit for older people.

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