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Inquiries, consultations and expressions of interest

Published: Wednesday, 30th January 2019

The current crop of government consultations.

Among the current crop of government consultations are those seeking input into the aviation strategy green paper, proposals for assessing local authorities’ relative needs and resources to inform funding, changes to the Community Infrastructure Levy and a consultation on the future for small-scale low-carbon energy generation. In addition, there is a call for expressions of interest for the Future High Street Fund and a select committee call evidence for an inquiry the detention of children and young people with learning disabilities.

Developer contributions reform: technical consultation

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government
Closes 31st January 2019

MHCLG is currently seeking views on draft legislation to amend the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended). The proposals are intended to improve the operation of the Community Infrastructure Levy by reducing complexity and increasing market responsiveness and transparency.

Full details on developer contributuon reforms consultation can be found here.

Detention of children and young people with learning disability and/or autism - inquiry

Joint Committee on Human Rights
Closes 8th February 2019

Arising from the evidence the Committee received during its inquiry into youth detention: solitary confinement and restraint, the Committee has taken evidence on the inappropriate detention of children and young people with learning disabilities and/or autism in mental health hospitals and the threat that such placements pose to their human rights. The Committee also wants to ensure that others have an opportunity to submit written evidence and is particularly interested in:

• Whether the Government’s Transforming Care programme, which aimed to reduce the number of those detained inappropriately, has been successful or not
• If it has not been successful what needs to be done to ensure that the numbers detained are reduced more rapidly
• Whether the human rights of children and young people with learning disabilities and/or autism who are detained in mental health hospitals are being breached
• If so, how are they breached and what needs to be done to better protect them?

Full details on the committee can be found here.

Review of local authorities’ relative needs and resources

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government
Closes 21st February

This is a technical consultation on the assessment of local authorities’ relative needs, relative resources and transitional arrangements. As such, the consultation seeks views on the approach to measuring the relative needs and resources of local authorities which will determine new baseline funding allocations in England in 2020-21.

The consultation:
• Proposes to simplify the assessment of relative needs
• Consider the type of adjustment that will be made to an authority’s relative needs assessment to take account of the relative resources available to them to fund local services
• Proposes a set of principle that will be used to design potential transitional arrangements and examines how the baseline for the purposes of transition should be established.

Full details on the consultation can be found, here.

The future for small-scale low-carbon generation

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Closes 5th March 2019

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is seeking views on the introduction of a mandatory supplier-led route to market for small-scale low-low-carbon generation: the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Under the SEG, government would legislate for suppliers to remunerate small-scale low-carbon generators for the electricity they export to the grid. The evidence gathered from this consultation will allow government to decide whether, and how, to proceed with the SEG.

An impact assessment is included as part of the consultation. The expected impacts are presented as a range to reflect that there is no central forecast.

Full details on the future low-carbon generation can be found here.

Future High Street Fund: call for proposals

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government
Closes 22nd March 2019

The Ministry is calling for expressions of interest for its Future High Street Fund. The Fund is intended to support and fund local areas’ plans to make their high streets and town centres fit for the future by providing co-funding towards capital projects that bring transformative change. The Ministry is hoping to see innovative proposals around transport, housing delivery and public services.

The Fund will operate as a two stage application process. In the initial Expression of Interest phase, areas should set out their challenges and their strategic approach to regenerating town centres. These will be assessed and an announcement of the places moving forward to Phase 2  made in summer 2019.

Full details on the Future High Street Fund can be found here.

Aviation 2050 - the future of UK aviation

Department for Transport
Closes 11th April 2019

The Department for Transport is seeking feedback on its green paper which outlines proposals for a new aviation strategy. The strategy will set out the challenges and opportunities for aviation to 2050 and beyond and will emphasise the significance of aviation to the UK economy and regional growth, with chapter 4 of the green paper titled “support regional growth and connectivity”.

The strategy will focus on:
• Developing a partnership for sustainable growth which meets rising passenger demand, balanced with action to reduce environmental and community impacts
• Improving the passenger experience, including through technology and innovation, a new passenger charter and action to reduce delays at the border
• Building on the UK’s success to establish new connections across the world and create great choice for consumers

Full details on the aviation strategy can be found here.

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