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WMIC Issue 21: Consultations

Posted on 8 May 2018 (Permalink)

Children in need of help and protection: call for evidence

Department for Education - Consultation


Closes 1st June 2018

The data and analysis on children in need shows that overall these children have poorer educational outcomes than other children. There are however, some children who are able to succeed in spite of the challenges they face. This call for evidence asks what professionals across education, children’s social care, health and other specialist services are doing to improve the educational outcomes of children in need.

The Review of Children in Need is therefore seeking to understand what makes a difference to the educational outcomes of children in need; and what works in practice to improve these outcomes.

Full details can be found here.



Personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets: extending legal rights

Department of Health and Social Care - Consultation


Closes 8th June 2018


The NHS is seeking to increasingly shift towards the personalisation of health and care. The consultation notes that the uptake of personalised health and care plans has increases annually since implementation with evidence suggesting that by providing individuals with more choice and control over how their individual needs are met, outcomes often improve, satisfaction often increases and the package of care can often be delivered in a more cost-effective manner.

Personal health budgets are the current mechanism to this, however, only certain groups have the right to them. The government is, therefore, consulting on:

  • Extending the right to have a personal health budget to specific groups of people
  • Extending the right to have an integrated personal budget to specific groups of people
  • Whether individuals would welcome the opportunity to incorporate additional funding streams into integrated personal budgets

Full details can be found here.


A future framework for heat in buildings: call for evidence

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy - Consultation


Closes 11th June 2018


The Clean Growth Strategy presented major policies and plans intended to cut the cost of energy, support economic growth, create high value jobs and improve quality of life. This consultation is seeking evidence and views on actions that can be taken during the 2020s to phase out high carbon fossil fuel heating in buildings which are off the gas grid.

The consultation says this may be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity for new jobs, skills, and investment in innovation, as well as greater comfort and convenience for households and businesses, suggesting that what is done now to decarbonise buildings off the gas grid may pave the way for future decarbonisation of the wider building stock.

Full details can be found here.


Powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, Home Office and Ministry of Justice - Consultation


Closes 15th June 2018


Unauthorised development occurs when land is developed, or there has been a material change in the use of land without the appropriate planning permission being give and unauthorised encampments are where trespassers enter and occupy land belonging to private landowners or local authorities.

The government is aware that these can be a source of concern and inconvenience to communities and wishes to hear evidence about the nature of the issue and is seeking views on the effectiveness of powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments relating to:

  • Local authority and police powers
  • Court processes
  • Trespass
  • Planning enforcement
  • The provision of authorised sites
  • The impacts on the travelling community


Full details can be found here.


Home education: call for evidence and revised DfE guidance

Department for Education - Consultation


Closes 2nd July 2018


This consultation by the Department for Education has two parts. The first is a call for evidence on issues connected with elective home education. In particular:

  • Registration of children educated at home
  • Monitoring home education provision
  • Support for home educators

The second part seeks comments on draft versions of two Department for Education guidance documents about elective home education. One is designed for local authorities and the other for parents.

Full details can be found here.



Modernising consumer markets: green paper

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy - Consultation


Closes 4th July 2018


This green paper is seeking views on how to ensure that regulatory, competition and enforcement regimes are suitable for the modern economy and the modern consumer.

The key themes that the government is seeking views on are:

  • Getting consumers better deals and better services in utilities markets
  • Helping consumers benefit from their data and remain protected when they buy and sell online
  • How to improve the system of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • How to support local and national enforcers to work together to protect consumers

The consultation is accompanied by research assessing the impact and effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and the court system in resolving consumer disputes with traders.

Full details can be found here