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Social Enterprise is not just for Social Entrepreneurs

Posted on 5 March 2018 (Permalink)

Michael Young, the founder of the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) 21 years ago, believed that ‘Everybody had the capacity to be remarkable’ but they often needed help in discovering their potential. So, he set about developing an approach that would empower people to build sustainable approaches. His ideas centred around Peer Learning and Action Learning. Teaching or traditional training he felt were not the solutions. For information to stick, for confidence to grow, he believed people had to discover answers for themselves. So, our approach is all about a journey of discovery. Discovering the real issue and discovering what you can do about it. Experience is the way most of us learn the really important things in life. Rarely the stuff from a college lecture at 9:00am on a Monday morning.


At the time, there were many social issues but little support for individuals to overcome those. Social Enterprise was a little know thing which Michael understood but few others did. So, Michael directed his ideas at the Social Entrepreneur as an obvious customer. But the approach works whether you are a social entrepreneur, a private business person, work for a charity or within the public sector. Entrepreneurial approaches and mind-sets work in all areas. Our participants learn how to correctly identify a challenge and find the appropriate solution.


We also believe that Social Entrepreneurs alone can’t provide all of the answers to today’s social, environmental or economic challenges. We all have an obligation to improve society in whatever way we can.


That’s why we are delighted to work in partnership with Improvement & Efficiency West Midlands to offer our Intrapreneurship programmes and Action Learning to people outside our traditional market. We have been doing this stuff for about 21 years. We operate around the world. We have become very good at it.


Charles Rapson, CEO, SSE Midlands will be speaking at IEWM Expert Insights: Enterprise event on 21st March at 3.30pm. To secure your place, email Shelley Madley at IEWM on