Principal Social Workers

Principal Social Workers

The network is attended by Adults Principal Social Workers of the 14 Local Authorities within the West Midlands and in other employment settings a principal or lead social worker.

The network will be responsible for:

  • agreeing a programme of work
  • fostering collaboration and learning from good practice across the network
  • maintaining the focus of the network on its agreed purpose and role

The overarching purpose of the West Midlands Principal Social Worker (PSW) Network is to work together as a group of Principal Social Workers to support a region where social work practice is based on a person's strengths and that this promotes independence and supports people in achieving better lives.

The role of the network will be to:

  • Provide practice leadership to Social Workers and social care staff
  • Work together to achieve change
  • Learn together to ensure continuous improvement
  • Support and challenge one another as peers