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Latest news

Sexual health in the West Midlands

Latest figures show that attendances at England’s sexual health clinics have increased by 13% since 2013. WMiC looks at what Public Health England’s figures say about the West Midlands.

10 key points from the West Midlands economic dashboard: How does the region shape up compared to the rest of the UK?

A digest of key economic indicators covering the English regions and devolved nations is one of the regular briefings that the House of Commons library prepares for Parliament.

Three responses to the Social Housing Green Paper

Following the publication of the government’s proposals to reform social housing, WMiC sets out the main themes of the green paper and highlights the initial responses.

WMIC: Four key points about the West Midlands from the latest employment figures

WMiC sumarises four key points for the West Midlands based on the Office of National Statistics latest employment figures

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