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The Public Sector Solutions Expo

  • 20th Nov 2018
  • Time: -
  • Location: See 'Further Information' link
  • Cost: See 'Further Information' link

The event provides key policy updates, from over 80 sector leaders and experts, related to the current challenges faced by many in local government, with leading suppliers focused on offering tangible

The Public Sector Solutions Expo, taking place at Manchester Central on 20 November, is now open for registrations.

It’s a great opportunity to further your knowledge, expand your network and procure better.

You can expect networking, case studies and advice from experts across four key themes:

  • Digital & Technology
    Digital and technology has created an opportunity to solve public sector challenges, but a lack of capital investment, security fears and legacy issues make digital transformation difficult. How can digital be harnessed effectively for the public sector?
  • Workforce & Leadership
    The public sector workforce has shrunk considerably in recent years; the ability to recruit, retain and train talented staff is an ever-present challenge. The Public Sector Solutions Expo is providing expert advice on HR and organisational development.
  • Corporate Solutions
    Eight years into austerity, the public sector has made big strides in reforming itself to deliver improved value for money. However, organisations are still struggling to manage their finances. The Public Sector Solutions Expo will provide expert insights, top-quality products and services to explore.
  • Local Infrastructure
    Effective management and delivery of infrastructure assets has increased in importance as a way of delivering more regionally balanced growth and overcoming the UK’s lagging productivity growth. We're dedicating a zone at the show to local infrastructure to kickstart the discussion.

Expect to hear from key speakers and thought leaders, including:

  • Debbie Brown, Director of Service Reform & Development, Salford City Council
  • Jayne Glasgow, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Leicestershire County Council
  • Magid Magid, Cllr & Lord Mayor, Sheffield City Council

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