Peer Challenge Programme

Peer Challenge is part of the wider Sector Led Improvement (SLI) programme undertaken by the Region

The West Midlands Association of Directors of Social Services (ADASS) and Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands have agreed an Improvement plan for 2018 - 2020. A requirement of which is to further develop the region’s approach to peer challenge and sector led improvement.

The region has complete 2 rounds of Peer Challenges between 2014 and 2018 involving all 14 councils. A new programme for 2018- 2020 is currently under development

The work will form part of the regions Improvement programme lead by Pete Jackson from IEWM and governed by arrangements currently in place through West Midlands ADASS and IEWM.  Andy Begley Director of adult Services and Housing has been identified as lead DASS.

The programme builds on the Peer challenge programme which included a commitment from all councils in the region to both receive and assist in delivery of a Peer Challenge.

The core components of the agreement were:

  • a signed memorandum of understanding to commit to the peer challenge programme
  • a self assessment based on six domains
  • a Council and Regional dataset based on the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF)
  • each Council agreeing both to host and lead a peer challenge visit. The methodology follows LGA and TEASC guidance

The self-assessment covers the six domains of:

  • Governance and Leadership
  • Resources and Workforce Management
  • Performance and Outcomes
  • National priorities and partnerships
  • Culture and Change
  • Commissioning and Quality

Sector Led Improvement (SLI) activities in Adult Social Care in the West Midlands are being coordinated by the West Midlands Care (ASC) and Health Improvement Board which was established to involve a wider group of partners (DH, LGA and CQC) in the oversight of improvement of ASC in the West Midlands.

The Board is chaired by Chief Executive

Its current projects and activities include:

Peer Challenge Programme

  • Introduce a new programme of peer challenge for 2018/20 that builds on the success of the 16/18 programme, refining the process, sharing learning and increasing impact
  • Build on the self-assessment process designed and share learning and understanding through regional events

Performance and knowledge

  • Continue to use performance data to influence regional priorities
  • Integrate use of resources toolkit as part of the role of the performance and standards network

Balanced Score Card

  • Maintain focus on providing challenge and developing bespoke ‘early warning system’ to identify areas requiring attention
  • Develop the West Midlands ‘Balanced Score Card’ as our means of assessing risk, improving performance and producing local accounts

Finance / Use of Resources Network

  • Develop the financial leads to network as a resource to support the activity of the regional improvement programme

Case file audit

  • For 2018/19 it is proposed that there is a thematic approach to the case file audit process to support learning across the region, and that it is undertaken in one of the following two areas: strengths based practice and legal literacy.